What is the utility of mock tests in the process of learning?

It is an acknowledged fact that mock tests help the learners to stand on a strong base. They may enrich the young leaners to cope with the changing patterns of questionnaire. These tests go a long way in instilling extra confidence and self-belief in the young learners.  


What’s the basic difference in the two systems- Conventional learning process and the novel Reciprocal methodology?

The former stresses on simple reading and ineffective learning, while the latter stress on the selection and acquirement of allied tools and make the best utilization of them. This is going to be more effective in the entire learning process.


What marks the difference between general study materials and Concept materials-vis-à-vis our process of learning?

General study materials that any one receives in abandons almost everywhere do not provide us with the depth and intensity the learners requires, while concept materials leave ample scope to the learners to mull and innovate newer horizons in accordance with the learners’ personal thoughts and imaginative capabilities. The latter, it is obvious, outshines the former process.


What’s the importance of Evaluation in the regards?

Evaluation comes into force when we try to assess the depth of the learner’s over-all performance. Let the learners collect their materials in preparation for the final performance. Ace teachers and guides may throw extra light on the learners’ capability to perform better in a following doubt-clearing session, if necessary. Finally comes the question of proper evaluation of the learners. The step is surely going to concretize the base of learning of the aspiring learners.   

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